2022 Annual Meeting Announcement

Tuesday, May 24, 2022                                                

Pre-registration by May 2nd is required

The Board of Directors of Ontario Shores Federal Credit Union issues the following notice to our membership regarding the 2022 Annual Meeting Elections and Voting.

Our annual meeting will be held at the Newfane Town Hall, 2737 Main St., Newfane, NY 14108 on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:00 pm.  Please note you must pre-register to attend the annual meeting.

Registration is required by May 2nd.  To register, email us at service@osfcu.com, or call us at 716-778-7423.  Upon registering, you’ll receive an email containing information regarding the meeting. 

There are five positions open on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee has nominated incumbents Darlene Petschke, Timothy Lanighan, Tammy Kelly and Debra Zapp and credit union members Bruce M. Barnes, Karen Roberts, Bridget Beilein, Jeffery R. Hill and Daniel Johnson for the expiring terms. A brief statement of qualifications and biographical data for each nominee is included.  Each nominee has certified they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected to office.


Additional nominations may also be made by petition. Please contact either the Newfane or Medina Office of OSFCU for the forms necessary to nominate a candidate. Each petition must contain a minimum of 80 OSFCU member signatures and be accompanied by the candidate’s biography and qualifications. Each nominee must certify in writing that he or she is agreeable to the nomination and will serve if elected to office. If elected, any volunteer will be subject to a background check and credit check prior to taking office.  This is to verify bondability through CUNA.  All nominating petitions must be received by the Nominating Committee postmarked no later than April 14, 2022 at:

Ontario Shores FCU, Attn: Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 9, Newfane, NY 14108-0009

Voting will take place during the annual meeting. The minimum voting age is 18 years.

Please note: If the number of candidates does not exceed positions, voting will not be necessary.

Voting at the Annual Meeting:
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Meeting starts at 5:00 pm

NOTE:  Meeting conditions may be subject to change based on CDC or government guidelines.  


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