ATM / Debit Cards

Your Ontario Shores FCU MasterCard Debit Card– It’s your lifeline to your money. Use your Debit Card at an ATM, or like a credit card, it draws the money directly from your checking account. No more check cashing hassles – accepted anywhere you see MasterCard logo.

  • It’s more convenient than writing a check. Just sign and go!
  • Your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account.
  • Point of Sale transactions are absolutely free. International transactions may include a fee.
  • Use your OSFCU card at an Ontario Shores FCU ATM and you get unlimited FREE ATM transactions.
  • Safer than carrying cash – MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy means if your card is ever lost or stolen, you’re covered.
  • Use your receipt for easy record keeping. Details of your transactions are also available with iBanking.
  • Visit any Co-op or MoneyPass ATM machine and avoid ATM surcharges.

Visit any Co-op or MoneyPass ATM machine and avoid ATM surcharges. Visit or to find a surcharge free ATM near you!

  • Use it 24/7 to access your account.
  • Check your balance or transfer funds right at the ATM.
  • The perfect complement to your Ontario Shores FCU account.
ATM keypad