About Us

Who is Ontario Shores Federal Credit Union?

Originally established by teachers and employees in the Newfane Central School District, the Credit Union has continued to grow into a full service financial institution that now serves over 8,000 members in Western New York. We have offices in Newfane and Medina, each equipped with a 24-hour ATM and drive-up lanes.

Who comprises the Board of Directors?

All Credit Union Board members are elected by the Credit Union members and serve a three year term. Currently serving on the Ontario Shores Federal Credit Union Board are:

  • Darlene Petschke, President
  • Timothy Lanighan, Vice-President
  • Carol Brenon, Treasurer
  • Debra Zapp, Secretary
  • Tammy Kelly, Director
  • Joseph Breczka Jr, Director

Who comprises the Supervisory Committee?

The Supervisory Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee elects a chairperson that becomes the “financial watchdog” for the Credit Union. Some of the responsibilities of the Supervisory Committee include an annual audit of Credit Union financial records, semi-annual audit and verification of member accounts. Currently serving on the Supervisory Committee are:

  • Jeffrey Hill, Chairperson
  • Lynn Kerwin
  • Annette Szymula

Contact the Supervisory Committee if you think there is an error or discrepancy in your account.

Ontario Shores FCU